aXtion VHB MH Module (White)

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MagConnect compatible VHB Module featuring a silicone hand strap

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aXtion VHB MH Module (White)

aXtion VHB MH Module (White)

Product Information
MagConnect compatible VHB Module featuring a silicone hand strap

aXtion VHB MH Module is a universal solution for turning a tablet case into a MagConnect compatible solution. The module features a slim profile and has a silicone hand strap. This accessory is ideal for environments that use a wide variety of tablet types or have a device not supported by our regular lineup. The module applies easily to any flat non-porous surface and offers a semi permanent installation. For removal instructions see the specifications section. 

Featuring MagConnect compatibility; our proprietary magnetic connection which gives users the ability to connect and disconnect the tablet quickly and easily. The mounts allow users to work hands-free allowing them the flexibility they need to get the job done efficiently.

  • Compatible with most cases
  • Compatible with all MagConnect mounts
  • Features a silicone hand strap for easy cleaning and soft comfort

aXtion VHB MH Module (White)
Product Specifications

Dimensions: 5.51" x 3.54" x 0.55"
Weight: 0.15 lbs
Compatible With: Any case with a flat non-porous surface

1. MagConnect adapter for compatibility with all MagConnect Mounts
2. Silicone Hand Strap can be easily cleaned
3. Industrial grade VHB adhesive (semi-permanent installation) 

VHB Adhesive Removal Instructions 

aXtion VHB MH Module (White)

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