MagConnect Tablet Mounting System

The MagConnect mounting system is built to help bridge the gap between your tablet and the environment you utilize it. The MagConnect line of ergonomic mounts consist of two series; the carbon fiber series and the heavy duty series. Each mount in each series is designed with a unique mount base to work in a variety of permanently fixed or temporary settings for both flat and round surfaces and across various industries. Each mount features a patented magnetic connector that makes attaching and removing the tablet rapid thus ensuring its seamless usage across mobile environments.

These mounts are designed to be paired with our aXtion rugged tablet cases built for Apple and Microsoft tablets. These mount and case solutions are ideal for virtually any environment, but if you find you need some configuration assistance, reach out to one of our knowledgeable product specialists for assistance. To contact sales click here!

Each section below details the various features of each MagConnect series. Options include the original MagConnect built with carbon fiber arms for its lightweight durability and MagConnect HD our heavy duty series built for robust usage in rough and tough environments.

Easy & Secure Connection

The MagConnect original patented technology is advanced, but using it is simple. First, the tablet is secured into an aXtion rugged tablet case. When the tablet case is attached to a compatible MagConnect product, the powerful magnet on the mount instantly interlocks, while a precision screw can be tightened for a secure fit.

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Lightweight Strength

MagConnect original mounts are built of high-quality carbon fiber arms. This superior material is lightweight and durable. The powerful combinations of carbon fiber with carefully designed joints produce mounts that are both easy to maneuver and sturdy to use.

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Highly Flexible

MagConnect original mounts come equipped with two spherical joints for multi-angle positioning; one at the top of the mount where the tablet holder connects to the mount and one at the base. Each joint can rotate 360 degrees to easily position your tablet for optimum ergonomics thus reducing neck and back strain.

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Quick Positioning

MagConnect original mounts that come with dual arms offer either a butterfly dial or a tightening lever to quickly position or reposition the mount to a more ergonomic preference. This additional feature on select mount types opens up a whole new dynamic to positioning.

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Built To Last

MagConnect HD (heavy duty) mounts were designed to withstand rough usage in workspaces that require robust equipment. Whether that be on the production line in manufacturing, shipping facility in warehousing, or in the field with mobile workers these industrial grade mounts are designed to improve worker efficiency by providing a hands-free work environment.

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Quick Connection

All MagConnect are built with our quick connect technology. This provides ease of use when mounting and dismounting a tablet to the mount. For workers that are on the go in busy work environments every second counts. Quick connection streamlines workflow helping workers optimize their work.

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Optimal Viewing

Each MagConnect mount features two spherical ball joints. One at the tablet connection point and the other at the mounts base. These spherical ball joints allow the user to position the mount exactly where they need it on virtually any work surface, traditional or not.

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Vibration Certified

Tablet users that work in rough and unpredictable environments sometimes also work in spaces that have high traffic and movement. The MagConnect HD series of mounts have been certified MIL-STD-810G 514.7 meaning they are vibration and shock resistant. To add to the steadiness of the mounts they feature rubber coating on each ball joint providing extra strength overall.

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Quality & Excellence

The Joy Factory is committed to providing high quality products that will exceed your expectations time and time again. We are committed to continually improving our products to deliver on this promise. From high quality materials and craftsmanship to outstanding customer service and support we strive for excellence.

Round Surface Mounts

Quality mounts designed to securely clamp onto round surfaces.

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Automotive Mounts

Vibration certified vehicle mounts for your car, truck, or fleet.

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Flat Surface Mounts

Table top work station mount for flat surfaces, desks, and work stations.

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Fixed Mounts

Protect your tablet or device by securing it safely in place.

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Not all tablet mount or kiosk industry needs are alike for every environment. On the other hand you might not know where to start to pick your ideal mount and enclosure. Let one of our helpful product specialists assist you today!

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