Tablet cases, mounts, and mobile solutions from The Joy Factory. Tablet cases, mounts, and mobile solutions from The Joy Factory. Tablet cases, mounts, and mobile solutions from The Joy Factory.
Tablet cases, mounts, and mobile solutions from The Joy Factory.

What is Elevate?

The Elevate Kiosk for iPad is the ultimate commercial solution for trade shows, museums, public spaces, and for anyone using an iPad or tablet for multimedia display signage. With the significant expansion of the mobile application for tablets across industries, many companies are looking for ways to enable this technology to increase productivity in their business. These modern and elegant kiosks come in a choice of white or black and offer a variety of configurations including countertop, wall mount, or floor standing. Tablet kiosks are a very approachable solution for any industry or professional environment. Adjustable, lockable, and durable — the Elevate is the best way to utilize your iPad or tablet as a display.

Elevate II Kiosks

The Elevate II series of iPad or tablet Kiosk mounts and stands come in white as the standard color, but can be customized by request. These kiosks feature the ability to be compatible with a wide variety of tablet types such as iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 9.7", iPad 10.2", iPad 9.7", iPad Air, and Surface Pro, Surface Go, Samsung Galaxy Tab. Compatibility with a wide variety of tablets makes this line unique compared to the original Elevate which is made specifically for iPad. To Elevate II series is highly configurable so put in your request today!


Each Elevate II tablet kiosk enclosure is equipped with a lock and key so you can keep your tablet in the enclosure without fear of it being removed. Each tablet kiosk comes with a locking slot compatible with Kensington Locks, so you can tether the entire kiosk to an immovable object for maximum security.

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Stay Connected

The Elevate II won’t block Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G or LTE signals, so you can keep your tablet connected to wireless data in the office or at a trade show.

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Elevate II kiosks can be assembled in a fixed portrait or landscape position. A rotation module may be added to allow the user to adjust the kiosk’s viewing angle.

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Cable Management

Keep your tablet charged while keeping your cable hidden using the cable trough hidden inside the Elevate II enclosure and body.

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Accessories that Elevate Capabilities

The Elevate kiosk line provides a stable and secure way to display a tablet in public spaces. A full line of accessories are designed with your business needs in mind. Choose from features like tilt and rotate to ensure the optimal viewing and operating angles are achieved. These accessories work across our entire line of kiosks, from floor stand and countertop to wall mounted. To expand the security of the kiosk, a cable lock can be used to tether the entire kiosk. These solutions are ideal for retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries.


The Elevate II line of tablet kiosks can also be customized to fit your unique needs. Please contact us for more information about customization if you need different tablet type, colors or configurations. Let one of our helpful product specialists assist you today!

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