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How to Install an iPad into the aXtion Pro M case.

1. Open charging cover using a coin.
2. Perform water test by installing water test card into the case.
3. Align & adjoin bottom ends of the case at a 25˚ - 30˚ angle.
4. Secure the screws ensuring the case is evenly tightened.
5. Test under 12” of water for 10 minutes.
6. Dry the case prior to opening & ensure the water test card is dry.
7. Remove the test card: lift the back of the case from the camera end
8. Install the iPad following the previous steps.
9. Now your case is ready to use with any of our MagConnect Mounts.

Definition of Waterproof

Impervious to water; especially covered or treated with a material (such as a solution of rubber) to prevent permeation by water

Waterproof iPad aXtion Pro M tablet cases and products from The Joy Factory.

Safeguard your iPad from Water Damage

aXtion Pro M cases are built to an IP68 rating (International Protection rating standard by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to determine effectiveness of electronic devices to withstand the elements verified by SGS), which means they can be submerged 2 meters underwater for a whole hour without iPad water damage. They incorporate a water seal with rubber gasket and screws / o-rings combination to keep water out. Then, the included water test pad can be used to insure that the case is fully functional.

Rest assured that your iPad is protected from water damage due to our superior design and construction, backed by our one year warranty.

IP68 iPad tablet cases and products from The Joy Factory.

Charge your iPad in Wet Conditions

Our cases are designed with IP65 water-resistant charging feature, allowing you to power up your iPad without fear of water damage thanks to a silicone seal that do not hamper use of your charging cables but keep the water out. Your work won't be interrupted because your iPad can be charged wet without removing it from the case.

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