AgileGo Basket

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Wire storage compartment compatible with AgileGo tablet carts

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AgileGo Basket

AgileGo Basket

Product Information
Wire storage compartment compatible with AgileGo tablet carts

This AgileGo Basket is compatible with all AgileGo Carts. This basket can be paired with an AgileGo Magnet Cart or AgileGo VESA Cart to enable storage while on-the-go. The basket features two side hooks allowing a user to conveniently hang tools. There are two back hooks that can be used to maintain cables. The basket has a lattice pattern, making it easy for the user to clearly see the tools stored in the basket. It is made of high-quality material that is made to withstand vigorous cleaning with wipes and sanitizers.

To expand mobility and usage, a cart can be paired with these additional accessories; work surface and power hub holder.

  • Compatible with AgileGo Magnet & VESA Carts
  • Hooks to provide easy access of tools and to manage cables
  • Lattice pattern allows clarity to what the basket contains
  • Made of high quality powder coated steel
  • Easy-to-clean surface and compatible with wipes and sanitizers

AgileGo Basket
Product Specifications

Basket Specifications
Weight: 3.04 lbs
Height: 7.23"
Width: 14.12"
Depth: 10.3"
Compatibility: AgileGo Magnet & VESA Carts

AgileGo Basket

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