Tablets In Hospitality

As mobile devices have taken over the technology industry, consumers expect recent technological advances to take over the hospitality industry. With tablet mounts and kiosks from The Joy Factory, restaurants, hotels, and other service industries are taking notice of the trend in using tablet devices in order to better serve customers.

Hotels and restaurants have implemented changes in the way they interact with customers, bringing entertainment, ordering options and mobile checkouts to consumers. The latest innovation to digital interaction and access to the internet in the hospitality industry are interactive mounts and kiosks. These are the absolute latest in digital engagement for both restaurants and hotels.

The tablet mount and kiosk are designed in many different configurations for central access to applications from any location in the hotel or restaurant. The uses for these innovations are so numerous it makes the perfect upgrade for any business establishment. These tablet mounts and kiosks are perfect for self-service info stations, displays signage, and advertising.

Self Serve Kiosks

Guest accessible tablet kiosks for check-in areas and digital guest services are the new trend. Guests can also access their information throughout the hotel with the positioning of kiosks for their convenience. The practicality of using tablet Kiosk is the future in hospitality.

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Digital Menus

Through the use of a digital restaurant menu, the restaurant owner can easily tweak menu changes seamlessly. Also, with this system in place, customers can expedite the ordering process so that appetizers and drinks can be delivered in a timely fashion.

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Interactive Service

This is an excellent medium for announcements or even posting the “Special of the Day” in your restaurant. Kiosks are also perfect for entertainment in any establishment as customers can play games, access their favorite sites and watch while they wait for a table.

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Connectivity on Demand

Tablet mount solutions from The Joy Factory, can be introduced in virtually any environment for ease of use by the hotel’s clientele. Hotels have also integrated many mobile options in business centers, guest rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and connectivity to services on demand to appeal to all guests.

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Game Changer for Hospitality

It is no secret that technology is the wave of the future and now that the hospitality industry has taken notice and acted upon that, it is only a matter of time before these items become standard in guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants and back offices.

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