Universal Tablet Mounts

Public-facing tablet applications can increase customer loyalty and engagement as well as streamline operations for large and small businesses. Deploying tablets in public spaces can be a challenge when it comes to keeping that tablet investment secure. This line of tablet lockable holders called LockDown secure that tablet investment and is compatible with most popular tablets on the market like Apple iPad Pro, Air and mini, Microsoft Surface Pro and Go, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo, Asus and other popular tablet manufacturers.

The LockDown Secure Tablet Holders for mounts are extremely secure solutions that hold virtually any tablet in a safe and protected manner. They are incredibly simple to use, and extremely effective at stopping thieves in their tracks. LockDown works in conjunction with our full line of carbon fiber mounts and our full line of heavy duty mounts. LockDown has two series, and both are universal. Learn more below.

Lockable Features

The aXtion LockDown Universal Series is a secure tablet holder built for our carbon fiber or heavy duty mounts. The cradle features a key locking mechanism to protect the tablet from theft. The cradle holds tablets 8.1" to 10" or 9.4" to 11.3".

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Mount Compatible

When paired with our carbon fiber or heavy duty mounts, these cradles can be used to position a tablet in virtually any business environment. These hands-free solutions help improve employee efficiency and effectiveness by positioning the tablet exactly where it is needed. Each mount features two spherical ball joints to ensure the optimal viewing angle of individual users.

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Accessible Features

The aXtion LockDown Universal Holder for allows tablets to be completely accessible. It does not obstruct the screen or block any of the buttons or ports located on the device, ensuring that the tablet maybe fully utilized. That way, your guests enjoy their experience without any hindrance while your electronic handheld devices are completely safe and secure. For solutions that completely inhibit buttons and ports checkout our Elevate Tablet Kiosk Line.

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Protection Features

aXtion LockDown Universal Holders are made up of high quality materials. Designed to work with both our carbon fiber and heavy duty mounting solutions, keeping your tablet both secure and well protected. Put your tablet on display without the worry of users stealing or damaging your tablet investment.

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LockDown Universal

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and customers, clients, and patients absolutely demand that your business advances with it. That is the reason why so many companies have turned to handheld digital tablets in order to display electronic brochures, learning tools, and presentations. Tablets have become common in doctor’s offices and hospitals for both patient entertainment and patient registration purposes. Of course schools, and colleges incorporate the use of tablets for students, and even public libraries are getting in on the act in order to electronically catalog books. That being said the amplified use of tablets vastly increases the opportunities for thieves to steal them. That is exactly why the Joy Factory has created the LockDown Universal, Secure Adjustable Holder with Lock for 7-inch to 10.1-inch Tablets.


The LockDown Universal Tablet Holder contains an extremely versatile cable locking system that is available with either a key lock or combination lock, whichever you prefer. Use the key or combination lock in order to easily secure or unlock this incredibly strong tablet security system. With the LockDown Universal system you are able to take complete control over the security of your tablets.

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Secure Cable

The LockDown Universal Tablet Holder includes a thick, 6.5-foot long cable that is perfect for tethering your tablets to fixed items in order to secure them safely. Your guests will have the freedom and flexibility to move the tablets around your facilities space without the temptation to walk out the door with them.

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The LockDown Universal Tablet Holder is manufactured with an extremely high-quality carbon fiber in order to provide a product that has superior strength and will last the test of time. This tablet security case works right out of the box and fits on all Joy Factory tablet-mounting systems.

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The LockDown Universal Tablet Holder is designed to fit many standard sized tablets. Our tablet holder is adjustable and fits tablets from 7-inch to 10.1-inch. Use the versatility of our mounting system to fulfill the changing needs of your business.

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