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Companies across the nation entrust The Joy Factory to secure, protect and position their tablets. We understand the complexities of the energy and utilities industry; especially the importance of utilizing a tablet solution which ensures your workforce is safe. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop intrinsically safe tablet cases for the most sensitive environments. To inquire about our products please fill out this form and a specialist will be in touch.

Solutions: Hazardous environments • Industrial grade tablet cases • C2D2 | C1D1 | ATEX / IECEx certified products • Utilities • Oil & gas refineries • Pipelines • Construction • Field services sites • Mining • Explosion proof • Portable • Rugged protection • Anti-glare / sunlight viewable • Wi-fi / Broadband

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Solutions for Energy & Utilities

The Joy Factory delivers unique innovative tablet mount and case mobile positioning solutions across Healthcare, Construction, Energy & Utilities, and Manufacturing. We also support industries such as Hospitality, Government, Education, Retail, Logistics & Transportation, Public Safety, and Exhibition that help enable productivity with today’s technology.

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Greater Protection

With our new focus on Energy & Utilities, see how The Joy Factory’s P.S.P. (Protect. Secure. Position.) tablet mounting and kiosk solutions can help increase your effectiveness and efficiency in your business, in the field or for your customers.

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Mount and Secure

For certain industries, tools and technologies need to be robust for you to get work done. The Joy Factory provides innovative tablet cases and tablet mounts that are rugged and durable to be used in the field. Discover our product lines today with The Joy Factory.

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Innovative Solutions

Do you need the greatest protection for your tablet? How about durable mounting systems for your tablet at work? Get more work done with innovative mounting systems from The Joy Factory.

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Add Mobility to Your Work

With tablet deployments mobile workforces move toward hands-free usage allowing work to become more streamlined and simplified. Tablet rugged cases and mounts help to further streamline workflows by protecting and positioning them when and where they are needed.

Energy & Utilities industry tablet cases and products from The Joy Factory.


Rugged protection.

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