aXtion Pro and Service Techs out in the field

Posted by Poya Moradi on Oct 15th 2019

aXtion Pro and Service Techs out in the field

aXtion in action

During this age of technology, we find it hard to escape our reliance on our smartphones and tablets. Like so many field people in the workforce from surveyors, construction professionals, EMT agents, first responders, and even Uber or delivery drivers, their day and their job almost completely revolve around the use of their mobile devices such as a tablet or phone. Carrying it with them from location to location, tossing it into the passenger seat of their truck or vehicle, even dropping it; the tablet quickly falls victim to their rough and tough work life. As careful as they try to be, they could never seem to completely prevent the poor machine from sustaining damage such as cracks, dents, and even shattering completely.

That's when; most of them desperately scour the Internet for a better protective solution looking for the best waterproof iPad / Galaxy / Microsoft case solution and that’s where the industrial tablet case comes to the rescue. They will immediately find that the security and protection that their device needed: stylish and sleek but with the tough fortitude of a quality-made product. They needed a case that could withstand the peril of being in the field and rough environments where military (MIL-STD-810G) grade products are a must-have. Not only is it military-grade quality which makes it drop proof but it’s also dirt proof, sand proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and it’s also most excitingly IP68 rated waterproof. Don't worry, it's safe ;) The aXtion Pro is not just work safe and travel safe; it's even life and kid-safe!

A lot of other cases on the market prioritize form over function and seem willing to sacrifice the usability of a tablet for the sake of protecting it. Not so with the aXtion Pro M for the iPad and Surface. You get the best of both worlds with this tablet case: a stylish and slim design that packs a solid protective punch. Not once does it inhibit a single application of the device. It has an optional universal shoulder strap/sling strap port, thereby freeing up your hands, as well as a hand strap option to reduce fatigue for long usage periods. The case is both compatible with VESA standards and most importantly MagConnect compatible with easy mounting and accessibility. The ideal mounts for workers on the road are the vehicle cup-holder mount as well as a seat bolt mount, keeping your device secure at all times and only at an arm's length away- ready for use whenever it’s needed.

The waterproof capabilities of the aXtion Pro are truly astonishing. Have you ever wanted to star and work on a boat on a show like the Deadliest Catch, but don't have the courage or budget that usually comes with such a dream? The case's ability to be submerged underwater has been rigorously tested and certified to withstand continuous submersion underwater at a depth of 6.6ft (2m) for up to an hour. No more worrying about your tablet into a pool of water or even caught outdoors during stormy weather; you can intentionally submerge the entire case and device with complete peace of mind. So move over Survivor & The Amazing Race reality TV shows, you could capture the next big thing or at least make all your friends jealous with your pristine outdoor videos, in rain, sun or snow!

This video demonstrates the tests performed to ensure the incredible safety features of the aXtion Pro. Check it out here: If you would like to see the tests conducted right in front of your very eyes, just skip 1 minute and 24 seconds into the video and you will be able to see all of these for yourself.

So since you have come all the way to the end of my post I'm assuming you must be interested in this case (I mean how could you not be?) Why don't you head over to The Joy Factory and see this for yourself or you could just click here: I’m all about making life easy whenever and where ever I can.

This product truly is ideal for any rough and tumble working environment that you could think of. It would be an ideal solution for those in the construction and aquatics industries, kitchen staff and even someone working in the Antarctic! Do you have the kind of work or lifestyle that needs this foolproof protection? Why not share how this could help you too?

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