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MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Ultra Flex Soft Mount Only

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Gooseneck Wheelchair Rail Mount

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MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Ultra Flex Soft Mount Only

Product Information

Gooseneck Wheelchair Rail Mount

The MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Ultra Flex Mount features a single flexible gooseneck arm that extends 26.8 and allowing you to position your device like never before. The flexible gooseneck arm allows for a tablet or smartphone to easily be positioned and repositioned without the need to loosen any knobs or screws. This functionality provides independence and increased confidence in knowing that your device can be positioned without extra effort. The gooseneck has a medium stiffness to it meaning that it wont topple over when a device is attached and it requires a medium amount of force to adjust the arm.

The mount features two spherical ball joints, one located on the mount base and another is located where the mount meets the device towards the MagConnect ball joint. The Ultra Flex Mount is constructed of strong and durable metal which is covered in a soft silicone for smooth and easy handling. Another value for this product is, The Joy Care Plan, it's free! Each wheelchair mount comes with access to the Joy Care Plan, a value-added service for our customers with special needs. The Joy Factory offers Care Plan members priority access to customer support; free mount customization, an extended 3-year warranty, and the chance to offer input into future wheelchair mount des(more...)

  • Compatible with Permobil Unitracks power chair and other power chairs
  • Built with a single gooseneck arm and spherical ball joints for near-infinite angle adjustment
  • Features MagConnect magnetic connection technology for quick mounting and dismounting with all MagConnect cases
  • Includes The Joy Care Plan benefits

MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Ultra Flex Soft Mount Only
Product Specifications

Mount Specifications 
Material: Gooseneck with Carbon Fiber
Weight: 1.38 lbs.
Total Span: 30.5625"
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x 1
Tablet Connection: MagConnect
Gooseneck stiffness: Medium
Weight Support: Up to 2 lb.
Wheelchair Compatibility: Fully compatible with Permobil Unitrack's power chair & other power chairs Other Benefits: Supports up to 2 mounts for easy support of mobile devices

MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Ultra Flex Soft Mount Only

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