Tablets In Construction

When tablets are paired with a rugged aXtion® case; the setup provides equivalent protective features of a toughbook at half the cost. For construction environments that are unpredictable an aXtion case that offers military MIL-STD-810G certification is ideal at keeping the tablet safe from damage if it encounters an accidental drop. The aXtion line of cases provide water protection in ranges from water-resistant, to fully waterproof. So from splashes of water to downpours of rain an aXtion case has you covered!

Mobile Workforce

Any of our robust line of aXtion cases can be paired with a number of companion accessories to make using a tablet on the go work seamlessly. A shoulder strap can be used to keep a tablet positioned right at the users side when not in use yet easily accessible when it is needed. For cases that don't have a native hand strap a rotating hand strap can be added to expand the case's usage.

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Built for Tough Environments

When working in construction you never know what the day will bring from working around heavy equipment to unpredictable weather conditions. Ensuring proper drop and water protection for your tablet investment will give you peace of mind. Having a tablet case that is built to withstand whatever your day brings is critical to keep you in the game.

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Mobile Capability

MagConnect automotive mounts are ideal for users who utilize a tablet in their vehicle. The mounts can be placed in the cup holder, attached to the dashboard or attached to the seat bolt of the passenger seat. Each mount features adjustable arms or balljoints to help the user reach their optimal viewing angle.

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In the Field

No longer do personnel have to use a pad of paper and a pencil to draw and write. Tablets that are paired with a rugged aXtion case are protected in the field no matter what the day brings.

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A Connected Mobile Workforce

With tablet deployments mobile workforces move toward hands-free usage allowing work to become more streamlined and simplified. Tablet rugged cases and mounts help to further streamline workflows by protecting and positioning them when and where they are needed.

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Rugged protection.

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